No Tolerance For Weak Rappers Hosted by Fruity Loop King

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Renegade Poetics recently landed a slot on the “No Tolerance for Weak Rappers” Mixtape with the track “Must Be Dreamin'” Beat made by Fruity Loop King and is due to drop September 19th 2014 of this year! make sure you get your self a copy of the mixtape as well as the “Must Be Dreamin’ ” single dropped and hit stores last night if you would like to get your copy of the track early hit up all your favorite stores, ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, Amazon Music, This WebSite  EtC. i appreciate all the love in the support from everyone, The Producers, Artists, Fans, Supporters, Models, Promoters ETC. Renegade Poetics is currently working on his second album “Temptation” which might have maybe 1 or 2 feature Artists on it, mean while fellow Street Poetics Entertainment Artist, CrisCo ReddiC is currently working on his fist album and about to release it within in 2014! Be on the look out for CrisCo ReddiCs Album! it’s going to be fire! thank you everyone for everything  yall are outstanding!

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