December, 2014

Winding Down 2014, Starting up 2015

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Well it has been quite the eventful year, Opened up for Papoose in Manchester NH, did a handful of shows through out NH laid down some new singles, Still working on the new album Temptation set to release in 2015 date TBA , Artist CrisCo ReddiC is also working on his First Album Realize which will be coming out in 2015 as well, for Renegade Poetics this will be his last month in NH Renegade Poetics, will be moving to Winter Park Florida doing Music Full Time, and linking up with Street Poetics Entertainment Artist: Marquise Diaz. Marquise first album will also be dropping in 2015 with alot of collabos with Renegade Poetics, Look out for mixtapes as well, 2015 will be great!  I want to thank every one of you for the love and support you have gave me since i have been home for only a year, i have met many great artists, producers, agents, dj’s and promoters!  Big Thanks to DJ Iceman StreetS , DJ Andre Flex Diamonds, Producer Cary Rainey Fruity Loop King for the two awesome mixtape slots ! Tandy’s Top Shelf, The Funky Monkey, Five Nines, Right Coast Scene Renegade Poetics and Street Poetics Entertainment Launches Full Time Music All or Nothing February 2015! Look out! also if you haven’t already gotten your tracks you can get them off ITunes – Renegade Poetics  or Google Play – Renegade Poetics if you like to stream music look me up on Pandora or Rhapsody Renegade Poetics  Happy Holidays and God Bless

Renegade Poetics

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