July, 2015

“No Games” Fluid ft Renegade Poetics In Stores Now!!!

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No Games



The new hit single “No Games” is in all major online distributors and streaming websites now!! Don’t forget to give it a listen!! It will be available to purchase on the website soon! But if you have ITunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, XboxMusic, AmazonMusic, Etc. Than go ahead and get your copy today!!! A lot of new music is being worked on, It’s been a busy month. Renegade Poetics is currently finishing up a project collab he did with IntelTheDragon as well as working on his second album! New music videos will be posted each month stay tuned for more!

“Goin On” Video Shoot Finished

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“Goin On” Off of the Cold Wind Album was a success. We finished up the 3 day shoot, managing to avoid the rainfall in the last take! It is now currently in the editing process by Director Giovanni Rios. The Video it self should be dropping within the next three weeks! I appreciate all your support! In other news Renegade Poetics will be live every Tuesday at The After Hour Show which is a comedy XM Satellite  Radio Station which also promotes his music as well as music from Street Poetics Entertainment. Stay tuned for new music and updates as well. Renegade has also released a new single “No Games” Fluid ft Renegade Poetics Which is available now in all of your favorite major online distributors and streaming websites!

“Goin On” Video Shoot July 17th, 18th, and 19th

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As promised Renegade Poetics will be dropping new music videos each month! on July 17th, 18th and 19th will be shooting the song “Goin On” Off the “Cold Wind” Album and will be directed by Giovanni Rios. We will need quite a few people for a few scenes in the video. If you would like to be apart of the Production Team, or a Video Extra and you are in the Orlando to Miami Florida Area contact me at StreetPoeticsEntertainment@gmail.com  or on Twitter:@RenegadePoetics Instagram:@RenegadePoetics If you haven’t yet checked out the last months music video “Must Be Dreaming

“Must Be Dreaming” Video Broke 500 Views!

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As I promised a few days ago that once the video breaks 500 views, I will be giving out a discount code to get a free download of your choice! The discount code is good until the 7th of July  so be sure to pick up all the singles that are available through this code! Discount Code: 500views I can’t thank everyone enough who has participated in the video shoot! Cary Rainey for producing the beat! All my fans and supporters that have been riding with me through out my career from the start! As you already know Music is now my full time job. I want to thank everyone again and have a safe and exciting July 4th!  Be on the look out for the new single “No Games” Fluid ft Renegade Poetics. It has just been submitted to all your favorite major online distributors and streaming sites! #NoGames #MustBeDreaming #FluidMusic #RenegadePoetics #StreetPoeticsEntertainment