September, 2015

Music Supervisor Assignment

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Morning, 9AM-Noon, 1970-1975

1.Pink Floyd, “Money” from The Dark Side Of The Moon Album 1973. The reason you wake up and follow your dreams to eventually make comfortable living. Money is always a great motivator! Rise and Grind!

2.Pink Floyd, “Breath” from The Dark Side Of The Moon Album 1973.  Gives you a feeling of euphoria. It’s progression feels as though you are just waking up for the first breath of fresh air.

3.Pink Floyd, “The Great Gig in The Sky” from The Dark Side Of The Moon Album 1973.  Seems as though the Lake is complementing the sky with such elegance. Such a beautiful reflection of light

4.Pink Floyd, “Time” from The Dark Side Of The Moon Album 1973. Of course with the assortment of alarms ringing and the dark sounding synth it could give one a feeling of dread or fear.

5.Pink Floyd, “On The Run” from The Dark Side Of The Moon Album 1973. This particular song compliments the photo in two ways. gives you a sense of fear to compliment the left side of the photograph, than at the end of the piece the calm represents the new sunrise.


Afternoon, Noon-3PM, 1975-1979

1.Led Zeppelin, “Kashmir” from the Physical Graffiti Album 1975. The album name speaks wonders to the photo as is “Physical Graffiti” This particular song gives you that rebellious feeling to express your self in which ever art form you choose.

2.Queen, “Spread Your Wings” from the News To The World Album 1977. Art has no laws, rules or limits. When expressing your self only the sky’s the limit. Just spread your wings and fly away!

3.Earth, Wind & Fire ” Imagination” from the Spirit Album 1976. The best part about visual art is that everyone looks at a particular piece of artwork in their own perspective.Allowing the use of ones own imagination to go vividly free.

4.Eagles, “Take It To The Limit” from the One of These Nights Album 1975. Creativity comes from all sorts of inspiration. Starts as a dream ends as a reality.

5.The Police, “Bring On The Night” from the Regatta De Blanc Album 1979.  Has a “Day of the Dead” feel to it, with a hint of darkness beyond the image.

Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon, 3PM-6PM, 1980-1990

1.Iron Maiden, “Run To The Hills” from The Number Of The Beast Album 1982. The breach of chaos and mayhem! Destruction is imminent!

2.Iron Maiden, “The Trooper” from the Piece of Mind Album 1983. The chaotic storms and hardships of serving in the Marine Corps.

3.Twisted Sister, “Burn In Hell” from the Stay Hungry Album 1984. Welcome to the abandon land, no hope for the human race.

4.REO Speedwagon, “Girl With The Heart Of Gold” from the Good Trouble Album 1982. Storms can bring back memories. The good and the bad.

5.Iron Maiden, “2 Minutes to Midnight” from the Powerslave Album 1984. Evil comes in many shapes, forms, and familiar faces.


Dinner, 6PM-9PM, 1990-1999

1.Notorious B.I.G, “Everyday Struggle” from the Ready To Die Album 1994. The everyday struggle to achieve wealth and live fancy. Everyone dreams of eating in 5-star eatery’s sipping overpriced champagne.

2.Notorious B.I.G,” Suicidal Thoughts” from the Ready To Die Album 1994. You never know when your last meal could be, regardless of status and wealth.

3.Tupac, “Life Goes On” from the All Eyez On Me Album 1996. Through all the hardships life has to throw at you, through the good and the bad, life goes on.

4.Tupac, “Dear Mama” from the Me Against The World Album 1995. Growing up being raised by a single mother, sometimes you take her for granted. Just remember she won’t be with you forever appreciate her.

5.Mobb Deep “Quite Storm” from the Murda Muzik Album 1999. While you can still be eating good.You need to remember to remind your self of what you have been through, and what it took to get to the level your at.

Night Party

Night Party, 9PM – Midnight, Electronic Music

1.Daft Punk, “Lose Yourself To Dance” from the Random Access Memories Album 2013.  Sometimes you need to escape and lose yourself completely to become whole again.

2.Daft Punk, “The Game of Love” from the Random Access Memories Album 2013. Love can make you become irrational.

3.Daft Punk, “Around The World” from the Homework Album 1997.  The photo reminds me of a circus that travels around the world.

4.Daft Punk, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” from the Discovery Album 2001.  Why try to fit in when it’s only better to stand out!

5.Daft Punk, “One More Time” from the Discovery Album 2001. An encore of the performance at hand. Sometimes it just takes that one last time to get the message across.