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Marvin Gaye and his Style

Marvin Gaye is the pinnacle of Motown Records. He started that Motown sound and an Rhythm and Blues Icon. Every R & B artist that is around today has been influenced by Marvin Gaye in some way, shape, or form. He has gospel roots mixed with his own twist of soul, jazz and R & B. Was also the first to break way from the Motown’s restrictions they put on artist’s creativity.


Marvin played a huge role in the sound of Motown in the 60’s from being a session musician and as a solo artist with his string playing hits! His later recordings influenced Neo- Soul and Quite Storm. Fun Fact: Mobb Deep has a huge hit called “Quite Storm” maybe it was influenced by Marvin Gaye? You tell me.


With Marvin’s hit single “Let’s Get It On” I can see the gargantuan impact it cratered into today’s R n B music from the 90’s R n B music as well. Marvin in my eyes is like the R & B founding father to the Tyrese, Tank, Brian Mcknight, Neo, 112, Joedici, Jagged Edge, R-Kelly, and so many more. People still sample Marvin’s music today. Look at the Pharrell lawsuit that happened.

Compare and Contrast

Comparison to Robin Thick with the law suite of “Blurred Lines” I believed the song “Blurred Lines” sounded nothing like Marvin Gayes song but was influenced by Marvin Gaye. But with Marvin’s legendary status the courts would indefinitely side with Gaye’s family. I chose no sides in the case royalties should be paid where they are due.


I don’t think Robin Thick and Pharrel Williams single  “Blurred Lines” sounded anything like the subject matter presented in court. Though Pharrel said he in fact was influenced by Marvin Gaye doesn’t mean he stole the work. I choose no sides in this case. I feel if royalties and respect is due to be paid than the courts have decided the fate. Marvin Gaye will continue to live on with his love songs and influential singing style.


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