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Pink Floyd & Style

Pink floyd from the UK, consists of David Gilmour on guitar and vocals, Syd Barrett on guitar and vocals, Nick Mason on the drums, Roger Waters on bass, synths and vocals, and Rick Wright on keyboards and synths. Unfortunately Syd Barret and Rick Wright have left this realm and went on to the next. Their style can never be copied. Their music is more like an “experience” with their psychedelic sound and becoming prominent during the time when psychedelic hallucinogens were being abused at an all time high. They took the rock and roll aspect to a whole new “higher level of listening”. They became one of the most influential bands to date.


Two characteristics that set Pink Floyd apart from any other Psychedelic group of their time is the length of there songs. Some of their tracks go for over 23 minutes. The second characteristic that sets them apart from the pack is their vast use of instruments and recording techniques, mixed with their masterminded effects to emulate many sounds from eery to air planes and helicopters dropping bombs.


Pink Floyd has left an impression on me since I first started listening to them  in Junior High. To this day I listen to them every day one of my favorite albums of all time is the “Wish You Were Here” catalog. Favorite song would have to be “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” Full version. They influence me in all my guitar and bass playing. I have even bought Pink Floyd sheet music for piano to brush up on my piano chops.

Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin

So choosing from the playlist given of artists it was very hard to find an act to compare to Pink Floyd. As you may already know from my previous blog post Led Zeppelin is notorious for using other artists and songwriters material and calling it their own. While Pink Floyd writes and composes all their own stuff. Led Zeppelin still has that psychedelic feel to it but more the opposite feeling you get when you listen to them. Pink Floyd is more of a journey through space and time or through your own emotional highway, Highlighting the negatives first than bringing you back to the positive vibes. Led Zeppelin is more of an angry approach with their high energy guitar licks and tempos.


In conclusion I enjoy both Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Though I would have to say Pink Floyd is my all time favorite band. They both have their place depending solely on what type of mood your feeling at the time you choose who to listen to. I can’t really say it’s a great comparison of bands but if you are a Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin fan I believe you will understand when I said Pink Floyd is more of a spiritual journey while Zeppelin is more of an angry approach to the same conclusion.


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