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Bob Marley & Style

Bob Marley Singer, Songwriter, was born Feb 6th 1945 in St. Ann Parish Jamaica. He formed his first band “The Wailers” in 1963 and also served as a world ambassador for the reggae community. He has had tremendous success through out his career selling more than 20 million records. Many say he was the first Superstar to come from the  so called “Third World”. Bob lived in Trench Town a very poor neighborhood.  He worked under the guidance of Joe Higgs and Improved his singing techniques drastically. His style is the sound of the Caribbean, very upbeat positive vibe sounding bass lines. Very soothing to the soul.


Two characteristics of Bob Marley per the article would be 1. He didn’t have very much success as a solo artist. 2 He worked better together in a group hence why he got together with a group of his friend and behold the Wailing Wailers emerged! He was a very spiritual person and started exploring more in depth his spiritual side and found great interest in the Rastafarian movement.


Bob Marley’s impression has been embedded in to my soul as it has in so many other’s who enjoy great music. Two of my favorite songs is “No Women No Cry” and  “One Love” which has been featured in countless numbers of films. When you are feeling blue nothing like a little Bob Marley to cheer you up!

Bob Marley vs Eric Clapton

I chose to compare Marley and Clapton due to Eric’s cover version of “I Shot The Sheriff” in 74. Eric’s sound is completely different to Bob’s with Bob’s thick Jamaican accent and B3 Organ with an Island swing bass line. Eric’s verison is more like smooth rock. His vocals lack the Marley’s Islander dynamics and the choir’s harmony is not quite the same.


In conclusion Eric Clapton is a very talented musician and I respect his cover version. Though his version can’t be compared to Bob Marley’s original version. It lacks the emotional feel that Bob’s gives you through out the piece.  Bob Marley’s soul with live on as well as his music for many more years to come. He has impacted the planet in ways many artists have leaving behind his own foot steps people continue to follow.


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Chad Ramkhelawan October 16th, 2015

Hello Evan, I must say this post about Bob Marley is really interesting and well researched. Bob Marley was truly a legend and still today his music never stops playing. I must agree with one of the Characteristics that Bob Marley worked better within a group and even tho he didn’t make a such success as a solo artist as he did with The Wailers Bob Marley stands to be one of the faces of the Caribbean. To get the real sense of Bob Marley you may want to listen to his solo album The Legend which is known global which has a “chill” and positive message. Aside from these suggestions, you did an fantastic job and I find this to be an awesome post.

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