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Welcome Statement:

Evan Komora known as his stage name “Renegade Poetics” is from Laconia New Hampshire. his ethnicity is a mix of African-American, Caucasian, and Italian. His father graduated Berkeley school of Music in the 70’s and was the only black member in his band. He passed away when Renegade Poetics was 7 years of age. He was a professional Bass Player. He decided to follow his fathers footsteps and dive into the music industry by storm. After graduating high school at 17 he went on to a community college. Graduated community college at 18 and than enlisted in the the United States Marine Corps at the age of 19. He did one tour to Japan for two in a half years and finished his last year in a half on Camp Pendleton California. After leaving the marine corps honorably in 2013, he landed his first major opening in Manchester NH for Papoose in 2014. Renegade Poetics has been involved in music since 4th grade. He taught himself how to play the bass, acoustic 6 string, and 12 string as well as electric guitar and piano. Renegade Poetics has been in the Hip-Hop and R&B scene since 2000. He established his record label Street Poetics Entertainment in 2004, and has release his first album “Cold Wind” which was a great success. Following the release of his album “Cold Wind” he landed his first feature with Gucci Mane called “Playmaker” as well as a second feature with MJG & 8Ball called”So Hungry”. Both singles are available in all major online stores, streams, and distributors. In 2014 he landed a spot on the “No Tolerance for Weak Rappers” Mix tape hosted by Fruity Loop King. He is currently working on his second album “Temptation” and many other collaborative projects with other artists and producers from the US to the UK.

I chose the Music Production Program to be able to produce beats in my studio for my artists and my self to minimize overhead costs on singles and albums. My goal is to travel overseas to hopefully land an internship in the UK or Los Angeles.

Led Zeppelin & Their Style

The band I chose from playlist I is Led Zeppelin. I grew up listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd mixed with Tupac,Biggie, Nas, AZ, Big L, Big Pun, Wutang Clan, Ice Cube,  and Iron Maiden. The list just keeps going those are just some of my favorites. Now about Led Zeppelins style. Led Zeppelin had an enormous energetic sound that was solely based heavily on the Blues era. Many people try to bash the legendary Zeppelin due to their blatant thievery of old Blues singer hits. Best believe they have endured their fair share of lawsuits but they still took over the world by storm!


The first characteristic that set’s Led Zeppelin apart from other bands first off is having Jimmy Page on the guitars. He is a musical genius with his strings and effects. Something like a mad scientist. Second characteristic is the singing style of Robert Plant. With Plant’s obsession with mid evil culture, mythology and of course the occult, you can’t really match him.


The impression Led Zeppelin has left on me since first hearing them as freshman in high school back in 2004, has been very influential in my guitar playing and bass riffs. I enjoy playing stair way to heaven on the 12 string acoustic as well as the baseline from Kashmir. They still influence me today when it comes to writing my own material on the piano.

Compare and Contrast

I’m going to compare Led Zeppelin to an older artist they ended up stealing from (laugh out loud)  Howlin’ Wolf.  “How Many More Times”(1969) is an almost exact copy of “How Many More Years” by Howlin’ Wolf himself!  from the riff to the lyrical content. Though much homage and respect to Howlin’ Wolf I do enjoy Led Zeppelins creative approach to their version.

Conclusion to the Comparison

I have come to my conclusion that I like the creativity of Led Zeppelin’s version better, from the guitar solo’s to the break downs. But I have to give full respect and credit where it’s do to the true inspirational Howlin’ Wolf for writing this amazing blues hit that lives on today through his own music and Led Zeppelin’s.


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