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Tears for Fears & Their Style

 I chose the band Tears for Fears for my fifth blog due to the song “Mad World”. They are a British born band, The song was their third single and first chart hit. They are an English Pop/Rock Band and part of the second British invasion.


Two characteristics is the style they play and introductory to using a lot of  synths in the creation of the later albums. They later changed more into Rock Pop.


The song Mad World was one that left an Impression due to the vast number of covers that have been recreated. Though they were the originators and writers I prefer the slower tempo version the lyrics suite that style much better.

Tears for Fears vs Peter Hollens

I chose to compare Tears for Fears vs Peter Hollens due to his version of “Mad World” As Tears for Fears version is more uptempo rock style still a good piece. I prefer Peter Hollens version better due to the slow tempo and use of choirs. Brings out a better emotional feel to the song.


I respect Tears For Fears original product “Mad World” and enjoy the song though I feel as though Peter Hollens nailed it with his slow tempo euphoric version with Choirs sining.




Louis La Rocco October 21st, 2015

Hello Evan,

I really enjoyed your post on Tears For Fears. They were definitely one of the catchiest radio groups of their time and had a great ambient sound to them, with many different colors and tones to their sound. I too preferred some of their songs over other groups in their playlist and genre. Though I completely agree with your preference to Peter Hollens version of the song, as do I, have you considered Tears For Fears against another group in a similar genre? Maybe another group that was influenced more by their particular sound? I feel as though any talented artist from another genre given ample time to transcribe an already solid and fantastically written song can be slightly unfair to the original artist. Maybe consider a band like Radiohead or Muse? Possibly groups that have taken the Synth Pop formula at some point in their careers and attempted to improve upon Tears For Fears original formula? All in all, I do agree with the conclusions you’ve derived from your comparison, and I think it was a great blog on a fantastic band from the 80’s!

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