Blog Post 6 The SugarHill Gang

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The SugarHill Gang

I chose The SugarHill Gang for this blog post with their hit song “Rappers Delight” The bass line in this track has been used re used again and again. I want to say one of the most copied bass lines to date.


  The SugarHill Gang is  a Rap Group from New Jersey. They used instrumentals from the  single Good Times by Chic. They only had one hit in America after rappers delight they didn’t manage to make it on the US charts again.


The three artists got together to establish the SugarHill Gang and their own record label. They managed to get another hit out on the European charts after “Rappers Delight” but their career was not very long to say the least.


When I first heard the song “Rappers Delight” I heard it in a playstation game called Thrasher which was a skateboarding game and fell in love with the track ever since. It had it’s own up beat style to it with that repetitive bass line that many still use today. I didn’t really hear much else when it came to their music except for that one single that they were known for. Rappers Delight was my favorite song on the game though so I would try to keep it on repeat.

The SugarHill Gang vs Chic

The SugarHill Gang used the instrumental from Chic’s Good Times to make Rappers Delight. Though both songs are good in their time, I feel The SugarHill Gang did an excellent job as one of the earlier rap groups of their time with a song that is played to this day


My conclusion is that SugarHill Gang was one of those “One Hit Wonder” kind of groups due to my research on their career. Still a song that will be played on for decades and decades to come with the bass line in constant rotation.


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