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MC Hammer & Style

I Chose MC Hammer for this weeks post. MC Hammer was  a hip hop artist of the 80’s and 90’s and most known for his flashy dance moves and his two hit singles ” U Can’t  Touch This” and “2 Legit 2 quit” His ability to put on an outstanding show and entertain the vast audience is what made MC Hammer the hip hop Icon he is today!


One of his characteristics would be his ability to dance with his choreographed steps. and second would be his ability to put on an outstanding show for the crowds. His music was very upbeat and kept the party going but people were more interested in seeing him dance.


I felt both singles were very good at the time I heard them. I was in I believe fourth or fifth grade. At the time no one really has been exposed to the awesome choreographed steps MC Hammer would throw down on his performances which made him very entertaining.

MC Hammer vs Vanilla Ice

I Chose to compare the two because during my younger years fourth or fifth grade time frame, we would always argue who was better rapper/ entertainer. I believe MC Hammer was way better at what he did than vanilla ice and thought vanilla ice was quite corny. Though I respect Vanilla Ice for making that one hit he sampled, I just don’t really care for him.


MC Hammer won in the debate always because at the time no one could master his dance moves and showmanship at the time.




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