Blog Post 8 Nirvana

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Nirvana & Style

I chose Nirvana for this blog. They are basically the poster child of the entire “Grunge” Era. After Kurt Cobain’s death they changed Grunge into indie/alternative rock. Their style is of their own Kurt’s raspy voice and singing about his past, addiction, problems with wife etc.


Kurt Cobain’s unique vocals which has not been mimic’d, as well as the style of playing of bass, and guitar riffs. It’s more like pop rock grunge, bubble gum type characteristics.


I grew up listening to a lot of Nirvana. I thought myself how to play bass before guitar and the song “Come as you are” was the first bass riff I learned. All of Nirvana’s songs are continued to  be heard to this day which shows just iconic the band really was. One of my favorites of all time is “Heartshaped Box”

Nirvana vs Pearl Jam

Though Pearl Jam has a lot of the grungy sound Nirvana has they are still not the same compared to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. The vocals are irreplaceable in Nirvana and could not be replicated.


Nirvana is by far the most well known starter of the Grunge rock era! They are the stepping stone that started the movement which opened doors for many other great and talented acts to follow suite, bringing their own style to the table.


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