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New Single Available – Leanin

    New Single Temptation Available On Spotify!

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    Renegade Poetics New Single “Temptation” Available on Spotify! Should be in iTunes by next week! Enjoy #RennyPOfficial #Temptation #DevilsLasso #StreetPoeticsEntertainment #SPEStudios

    Devil’s Lasso

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    Renegade Poetics is currently working on his second up coming album “Devil’s Lasso” He will be producing, mixing and mastering the majority of the album as well as a few special collaborations with producers and artists! It is scheduled to drop this fall 2016! Stay tuned for  updates on the album!

    New Club Single “Rest Of The Night” Hits Stores Later This Week!

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    Renegade Poetics collaborated with California native producer IntelTheDragon on a smash club single “Rest Of The Night” Which will be reaching all your favorite online stores and streaming services! Renegade Poetics will be performing the new single “Rest Of The Night” Friday Oct 29th @ The Sapphire Room in Orlando as well as Saturday Oct 30th @ The Office Orlando

    Blog Post 8 Nirvana

    By admin on Oct 21, 2015 in Music History Blogs - 0 Comments

    Nirvana & Style

    I chose Nirvana for this blog. They are basically the poster child of the entire “Grunge” Era. After Kurt Cobain’s death they changed Grunge into indie/alternative rock. Their style is of their own Kurt’s raspy voice and singing about his past, addiction, problems with wife etc.


    Kurt Cobain’s unique vocals which has not been mimic’d, as well as the style of playing of bass, and guitar riffs. It’s more like pop rock grunge, bubble gum type characteristics.


    I grew up listening to a lot of Nirvana. I thought myself how to play bass before guitar and the song “Come as you are” was the first bass riff I learned. All of Nirvana’s songs are continued to  be heard to this day which shows just iconic the band really was. One of my favorites of all time is “Heartshaped Box”

    Nirvana vs Pearl Jam

    Though Pearl Jam has a lot of the grungy sound Nirvana has they are still not the same compared to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. The vocals are irreplaceable in Nirvana and could not be replicated.


    Nirvana is by far the most well known starter of the Grunge rock era! They are the stepping stone that started the movement which opened doors for many other great and talented acts to follow suite, bringing their own style to the table.


    Blog Post 7 MC Hammer

    By admin on Oct 21, 2015 in Music History Blogs - 1 Comment

    MC Hammer & Style

    I Chose MC Hammer for this weeks post. MC Hammer was  a hip hop artist of the 80’s and 90’s and most known for his flashy dance moves and his two hit singles ” U Can’t  Touch This” and “2 Legit 2 quit” His ability to put on an outstanding show and entertain the vast audience is what made MC Hammer the hip hop Icon he is today!


    One of his characteristics would be his ability to dance with his choreographed steps. and second would be his ability to put on an outstanding show for the crowds. His music was very upbeat and kept the party going but people were more interested in seeing him dance.


    I felt both singles were very good at the time I heard them. I was in I believe fourth or fifth grade. At the time no one really has been exposed to the awesome choreographed steps MC Hammer would throw down on his performances which made him very entertaining.

    MC Hammer vs Vanilla Ice

    I Chose to compare the two because during my younger years fourth or fifth grade time frame, we would always argue who was better rapper/ entertainer. I believe MC Hammer was way better at what he did than vanilla ice and thought vanilla ice was quite corny. Though I respect Vanilla Ice for making that one hit he sampled, I just don’t really care for him.


    MC Hammer won in the debate always because at the time no one could master his dance moves and showmanship at the time.



    Multimedia Presentation 4

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    Vocals: Marvin Gaye

    Rhythm Section: The Miles Davis Second Great Quintet

    Fantasy Band Project Prezi Link

    Can’t Feel My Face Wednesday Opening for YMCMB Artist T-Rone

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    Come out tomorrow night at Cleo’s Gentlemen’s Club to see YMCMB Artist T Rone perform as well as Renegade Poetics as an opening act!

    Doors Open at 9pm

    Age- 18 to party 21 to drink!

    See you all there!

    Blog Post 6 The SugarHill Gang

    By admin on Oct 19, 2015 in Music History Blogs - 0 Comments

    The SugarHill Gang

    I chose The SugarHill Gang for this blog post with their hit song “Rappers Delight” The bass line in this track has been used re used again and again. I want to say one of the most copied bass lines to date.


      The SugarHill Gang is  a Rap Group from New Jersey. They used instrumentals from the  single Good Times by Chic. They only had one hit in America after rappers delight they didn’t manage to make it on the US charts again.


    The three artists got together to establish the SugarHill Gang and their own record label. They managed to get another hit out on the European charts after “Rappers Delight” but their career was not very long to say the least.


    When I first heard the song “Rappers Delight” I heard it in a playstation game called Thrasher which was a skateboarding game and fell in love with the track ever since. It had it’s own up beat style to it with that repetitive bass line that many still use today. I didn’t really hear much else when it came to their music except for that one single that they were known for. Rappers Delight was my favorite song on the game though so I would try to keep it on repeat.

    The SugarHill Gang vs Chic

    The SugarHill Gang used the instrumental from Chic’s Good Times to make Rappers Delight. Though both songs are good in their time, I feel The SugarHill Gang did an excellent job as one of the earlier rap groups of their time with a song that is played to this day


    My conclusion is that SugarHill Gang was one of those “One Hit Wonder” kind of groups due to my research on their career. Still a song that will be played on for decades and decades to come with the bass line in constant rotation.


    Blog Post 5 Tears for Fears

    By admin on Oct 18, 2015 in Music History Blogs - 2 Comments

    Tears for Fears & Their Style

     I chose the band Tears for Fears for my fifth blog due to the song “Mad World”. They are a British born band, The song was their third single and first chart hit. They are an English Pop/Rock Band and part of the second British invasion.


    Two characteristics is the style they play and introductory to using a lot of  synths in the creation of the later albums. They later changed more into Rock Pop.


    The song Mad World was one that left an Impression due to the vast number of covers that have been recreated. Though they were the originators and writers I prefer the slower tempo version the lyrics suite that style much better.

    Tears for Fears vs Peter Hollens

    I chose to compare Tears for Fears vs Peter Hollens due to his version of “Mad World” As Tears for Fears version is more uptempo rock style still a good piece. I prefer Peter Hollens version better due to the slow tempo and use of choirs. Brings out a better emotional feel to the song.


    I respect Tears For Fears original product “Mad World” and enjoy the song though I feel as though Peter Hollens nailed it with his slow tempo euphoric version with Choirs sining.



    Oct 21st Live Performance @ Cleo’s, Orlando Florida

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    Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.56.51 PM

    Oct 21st @Cleos 1210 S Orange Blossom Trail Orlando FL, 32805

    Renegade Poetics will be performing his new club single  “Rest of The Night” at the YMCMB Artist T Rone Opener.

    Doors Open at 9pm!

    Come out and party!


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