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A Collection of Design Pattern Interview Questions Solved in by Dr Antonio Gulli PDF

By Dr Antonio Gulli

A suite of layout styles applied in C++

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Behavioural patterns are also used to handle the internal state and the internal activities of each object. 14. Implementing the Chain of responsibility pattern Solution A chain of responsibility pattern delegates a sequence of commands to a chain of processing objects. Objects can be dynamically added to a list. In this example a Base class maintains a list of objects Base. Derived classes can register themselves and they can also provide specific handle() for detailed information. handle(2); } 15.

Implementing the Prototype pattern Solution The prototype pattern creates a prototypical instance which is then cloned for producing new objects. This pattern is very effective when the cost of cloning is less than the cost of creating a new object. In this example we define a class Proto with a protected virtual method clone() which must be implemented by the subclasses. Different prototypes are stored in a static array and the subclasses have to register themselves. Code namespace Prototype{ // Specify the kinds of objects to create using a // prototypical instance, and create new objects // by copying this prototype.

In this sense a superclass specifies generic behaviours by using pure virtual placeholders for creation steps. Then the superclass delegates the creation details to subclasses that are supplied by the client. Factory patterns can be seen as a simplified version of an Abstract Factory pattern. The Factory Method pattern is responsible of creating products that belong to one family, while the Abstract Factory pattern deals with multiple families of products. ) of one specific interface (say IAutomobile), while with the Abstract Factory method you can produce implementations of a particular Factory interface (say all the type of automobiles given a family of vehicles including cars, trucks, caravan, and so on and so forth).

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