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Jack B. Martin's A Dictionary of Creek Muskogee (Studies in the Anthropology PDF

By Jack B. Martin

The results of greater than ten years of study, A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee attracts at the services of a linguist and a local Creek speaker to yield the 1st smooth dictionary of the Creek language of the southeastern usa. The dictionary contains over seven thousand Creek-English entries, over 4 thousand English-Creek entries, and over 400 Creek position names in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Oklahoma. the quantity additionally comprises illustrations, a map, antonyms, dialects, stylistic details, be aware histories, and different precious reference fabric. Entries are given in either the normal Creek spelling and a contemporary phonemic transcription. A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee is the normal reference paintings for the Creek language.

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No distinction is coded between alienable and inalienable possession. As per the rule of vowel rounding, the schwa of the marker to is rounded before a round glide or a vowel.

The glottal continuant [h] does not occur in phraseinternal position. 6 Vowel rounding Schwa and / become round when followed by a round vowel or labial glide: (69) V[+high, -round] -» [+round]/ (C) S [+round]. This rule is particularly interesting for schwa, which itself is a product of vowel insertion. Thus, the noun t$a has its vowel deleted and schwa inserted when followed by a word beginning with a consonant, 24 Phonology and consequently becomes £a in phrase-internal position. ) 'easily' -» [sügwäd'zä] -» [äbü kwoydum] Schwa may become round when followed by a round vowel in the next syllable, even if the two are separated by an obstruent: (72) kd INF tok finish abd hoy ASSC 2SG 'with you' -» [kütok] -> [abuhorj] The high front vowel undergoes rounding in the same circumstances: (73) wüdä put food 'put food' -* [duwüdo] 4.

The tone of the vocalic suffix becomes the tone of the new syllable. Consider the addition of the goal-orientation marker a. The evidence that this marker has high tone is provided by its realization after CVC verbs: (90) ngül-yn Bombay td macirj 3SG COMP husband-PL stick GEN DEM luw-a-y nidk say-GO-3SG would you 'She said, my husband, this stick, say to it' (91) ha ndi dzannam skdn 2SG HAB fmd-GO 1DU thing mdnä wä tiki like DEM where 'Where do you find us things like this? Consider now addition of the goal-orientation marker to a monosyllabic verb ndä 'go'.

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