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Download e-book for iPad: A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese by Yukio Tono

By Yukio Tono

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese is a useful device for all rookies of eastern, delivering a listing of the 5,000 most typically used phrases within the language.

Based on a100 million observe corpus, composed of spoken, fiction, non-fiction and information texts in present use, the dictionary offers the person with a close frequency-based record, in addition to alphabetical and part-of-speech indices.

All entries within the frequency record function the English an identical and a pattern sentence with English translation. The dictionary additionally includes 25 thematically organised lists of usually used phrases on various subject matters equivalent to nutrients, climate, occupations and relaxation. a number of bar charts also are integrated to focus on the phonetic and spelling variations throughout sign in.

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese allows scholars of all degrees to maximize their examine of jap vocabulary in an effective and fascinating manner. it's also an exceptional source for academics of the language.

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Sample text

92 358 覚える oboeru v. learn, remember, memorize •• 酔っ払っていて、昨夜のことは何も覚えてい ない。— I don’t remember anything about last night, because I got drunk. 84 359 東京 toukyou n. Tokyo •• 東京から大阪まで新幹線で約2時間半です。 — It takes about two and a half hours from Tokyo to Osaka by bullet train. 95 360 てある te aru cp. [describes a state resulting from someone’s action] •• このページに説明が書いてあります。— The explanation is written on this page. 96 361 続く tsuzuku v. continue, go on, last •• この不景気は数年間続いている。— The recession has continued for several years.

Face •• 毎朝、顔を洗う。— I wash my face every morning. 83 | BK 252 ていただく te itadaku cp. [receive a favor (humble)] •• すみません、 ちょっと教えていただけますか。 — Excuse me, may I ask a question? 84 253 ずっと zutto adv. all the time, for a long time •• 今までずっとここにいたんですか。— Have you been here all the time? 80 254 さらに sarani adv. again, still more, moreover •• その会社はさらに成長するだろう。— The company is likely to grow further. 91 255 町,街 machi n. town, city •• この町には高校がない。— This town does not have any high schools. 74 256 及び oyobi conj. and, as well as •• その会社は東京及び埼玉で事業を展開してい る。— The company operates in Tokyo and Saitama.

84 406 通り touri n. street; as •• 言われた通りにやりなさい。— Do as you are told. 88 407 内容 naiyou n. contents •• あなたが送る荷物の内容は何ですか。— What are the contents of the box you are sending? 89 408 テレビ terebi n. television, TV •• 今日は一日中テレビを見ていた。— I watched TV all day today. 87 409 経験(する)keiken(suru) n. experience v. experience •• 彼は仕事の経験がない。— He has no job experience. 95 410 木 ki n. wood; tree •• 公園に桜の木が植えられた。— Cherry trees were planted in the park. 77 411 点 ten n. point, score •• 不明な点があれば、私に聞いてください。— If you do not understand any points, please ask me.

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