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A Natural History of the Bestiary by Wilma George, Yapp. W. B. PDF

By Wilma George, Yapp. W. B.

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Bien que le travail de MM. Heuzey et Daumet soit encore inachevé, on peut juger dès à présent de l'intérêt qu'il présente pour les études histori- ques et archéologiques. M. Heuzey, déjà connu par une bonne exploration du mont Olympe et de l'Acarnanie, a parcouru cette fois l. a. Macédoine, et une partie de l. a. Thrace, de.

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They crossed the North Sea to settle in the eastern parts of England, and the cultures mixed to become known thereafter as Anglo-Saxons. They gave their name to England, its people, and their language as well as to East Anglia. Angles-sur-I' Anglin: A site in west-central France of a rock shelter with Upper Palaeolithic art, the Rocaux Sourciers (Angles). The back wall has fine bas-relief carvings, and there is a frieze of female figures dominating the shelter. Several animal carvings were found.

The site is dated to 15,250 bp. amygdaloid: Almond shaped; a term used to describe elongated ovate or cordiform biface tools. An: The supreme Sumerian god of life and fertility. An was later replaced by Enlil and Marduk, but was always considered the ultimate source of authority. Identified with the city of Uruk, his Akkadian equivalent was Anu. 'Anaeho'omalu: A site on Hawaii dating to the 10th century as a fishing camp and later a settlement. It has one of the largest petroglyph fields in the Hawaiian Islands with over 9,000 figures.

By the 4th century, it became capital of the regions of Venetia and Istria. The city fell to the Huns and was sacked in 452. It also once served as an episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church. Arad: A city in southern Israel west of the Dead Sea, named for Biblical Arad and having ruins visible at Tel' Arad, just a few miles northeast. First excavated in 1962, Arad had three 29 separate phases of occupation. The first settlement was in the Chalcolithic period with a walled city at the beginning of the 3d millennium Be, which was destroyed by c.

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