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A Tibetan-English dictionary, with special reference to the - download pdf or read online

By H A Jäschke

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Read Online or Download A Tibetan-English dictionary, with special reference to the prevailing dialects. To which is added an English-Tibetan vocabulary PDF

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It is beyond the scope of this book to go into them in detail, but for now try to memorize each example. するsuru (to do) becomes してshite (please do) To make this more polite, addください kudasai. のんでください。 nonde kudasai. Please drink.  Or even if you guess wrong, the correct form should be at least familiar to you. 27. To Do; Play—する・します suru / shimasu する Suru goes where no other verb dares to go! ” Most loanwords used as verbs add “suru,” for example: ジョギング するjogingu suru - to (do) jogging ショッピング するshoppingu suru - to (do) shopping サイン するsain suru - to sign (autograph) USEFUL JAPANESE + SURU 勉強 するbenkyou suru - to study 毎日、 日本語 を 勉強 します。 mainichi, nihongo wo benkyou shimasu.

Now that we have brought up the old woman in passing, let’s talk about her. She is now the topic and we are describing her. "] The Question Words が ga Always use “ga” with question words: 何がおいしい? nani ga oishii? What tastes good? 誰が来ましたか? dare ga kimashita ka? Who came? どこが一番いいところですか? doko ga ichi ban ii tokoro desu ka? Where is the best place? Used with Certain Words: [suki; hoshii; wakaru] わたしはねこが好き。 watashi wa neko ga suki. I like cats. ねこがほしい。 neko ga hoshii. (I) want a cat. 英語がわかる。 eigo ga wakaru.

Everyday, (I) study Japanese. Another usage of suru -or- shimasu (remember they are the same, but “suru” is more casual) is “to play” as in sports or games 野球 を する yakyuu wo suru. To play baseball. 相撲 を する。 sumou wo suru. To play (do) Sumo. バスケット を する。 basuketto wo suru. To play basketball. 将棋 を する。 shougi wo suru. To play shogi (Japanese chess) 28. More, ~er—もっと motto One easy way to say “MORE” or “-er” is to use もっと motto. This is one of the rare times that the word order is the same with English—or at least with the more part!

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