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By A.H. Rose and J. Gareth Morris (Eds.)

This quantity in a research-level sequence covers different facets of microbial body structure and biochemistry together with inositol metabolisms in yeasts, bacterial adhesion, natural acids, the bacterial flagellum and the mechanical behaviour of bacterial mobile partitions. it's meant to be of use to microbiologists, biochemists and biotechnologists. different comparable works during this sequence are volumes 29, 30 and 31.

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Analysis of the in uitro transcripts in denaturing formamide gels demonstrates a broad peak of RNA migrating with 20 to 30S, a homogeneous peak at 4 to 5s and a third pronounced peak of material migrating faster than 4s. Such a profile is in sharp contrast to those presented by Davies and Walker (197 7 ) who could find no evidence for the in uitro synthesis of small molecular weight RNA molecules. Since these latter authors used non-denaturing gels of rather poor resolving power, the data presented by Schicker et al.

From these observations, and similar ones made in other organisms, it may be postulated that the first step in DNA replication is the synthesis of a short polyribonucleotide primer by an RNA polymerase and the subsequent joining onto this of deoxyribonucleotides to yield the nascent single stranded DNA chain. The RNA will obviously have to be removed at a later stage and replaced by DNA. I t will be interesting to find out how transcription and subsequent removal of the RNA primers are regulated.

The first polydeoxyribonucleotides that are made in cells engaged in TRANSCRIPTION IN ACELLULAR SLIME MOULDS 29 DNA synthesis are single-stranded and only short. These so-called Okazaki fragments are about 200 nucleotides long in P . polycephalum and are subsequently joined to form much larger molecules (Funderud and Haugli, 197 7). , 1978). These authors injected y-32P-labelled deo Kyribonucleoside triphosphates into surface plasmodia (Waqar and Huberman, 19731, isolated Okazaki fragments containing a short RNA-fragment and showed that the RNA was joined to the 5‘-end of the DNA.

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