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Download PDF by Andrew Brookes: Air War Over Italy

By Andrew Brookes

Хронология войны над Италией во время Второй Мировой Войны. Много интересных фотографий.
Количество страниц: 160
Язык: английский

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Despite the early capture and transport to Italy for study of a Soviet T-34, the war's best medium tank, FIAT-Ansaldo's best effort was a moderately sturdy 75mm assault gun equipped with a low-velocity weapon. Nor did the combine tolerate competition from superior foreign machines such as the medium tank that Skoda offered in 1941. 41 The aerodynamic sophistication apparent, for instance, in the Japanese ``Zero'' ± an aircraft that despite similar engine power to the G50 and the contemporary Macchi MC200, carried 20mm cannon instead of the Italians' ineffectual machine guns ± was almost wholly absent.

Economics of World War II, pp. , p. 287. 30. , L'Italia nella seconda guerra mondiale e nella Resistanza (Milan, 1988), pp. 302±06; through 1939, Felice Guarneri, Battaglie economiche fra le due guerre (Bologna, 1988) is also useful. 31 The inability to tax effectively played a role, alongside a host of other factors, in Fascist Italy's failure to expend much more than 20 percent of gross domestic product per year on its last war. In its dealings with Italian industry the regime confronted many of the same interests that it feared to tax, and it was in those dealings that it showed its lack of organizational ability and determination most conspicuously.

9 percent among those over six years of age: roughly 10 percent in the North, 21 percent in the Center, and 39 percent in the South and islands. 9 percent of the population had not completed elementary school. 1 And by the late 1930s slightly less than a third of Italy's workforce was industrial, and about half agricultural; the corresponding German figures were 42 percent for industry and 26 percent for agriculture (1939). But German industry's share of the national product had passed that of agriculture in 1889±90, whereas Italy only 1.

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